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The results are in! The votes have been tabulated! A winner has been declared!

With 68% of the vote, Team Applesauce has won the title of Ultimate Latke Topping!

Join us next year as Applesauce looks to defend the championship. But will a new contender enter the competition? Avocado latkes, anyone?

Who will battle next? Chocolate vs. Cinnamon Babka? Apricot vs. Prune Hamantaschen?

Gefilte fish vs. Chopped liver? Stay tuned...

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Thank you to everyone who participated in and helped with Hanukkah 2020! In a most unusual and hard year, you showed the resilience that Hanukkah reminds us of. We are so grateful that you share your light with us!


If you have pictures from the Hanukkah Drive-Thru or Courthouse Menorah Lighting to share, please send them to communications@shaare-shalom.org!