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We are proud to announce our new partnership with the New Kehilah of Ramat Aviv in Tel Aviv!  


Our partnership is an opportunity for us to learn more about the Masorti movement in Israel, which is the same as Conservative Judaism in the US. The New Kehilah is an active Masorti community, and Rabbi Jeff Cymet is a leader in the Masorti movement.

We kicked off our partnership this past Sunday with our first joint session on Preparing for the High Holidays. Coming up we will have other learning sessions, a joint N'tivot program, and social gatherings.

Find out more about our partnership by reading the article in

 Washington Jewish Week!

Sunday, August 8th

  חשבון הנפש “Soul Accounting” – Growth through teshuvah – How do we face the unknowns of the New Year? And how can we take deliberate steps toward personal growth through the High Holiday season and beyond?

Sunday, August 15th

תפילות של ימים הנוראים Key prayers of the High Holidays – Rabbi Cymet will explore the meaning of the Malchuyot prayers for Rosh Hashanah. What does it mean to think of God as a Ruler, and how can it be meaningful for us today? Rabbi Tow will focus on Kol Nidrey and the power of our words as reflected in Yom Kippur prayers.

Sunday, August 22nd

 קול השופר The Binding of Isaac, The Ram, and the Meaning of the Shofar blasts – Rabbi Cymet will teach on the Binding of Isaac, a defining story of the Torah and of the High Holiday season, and Rabbi Tow will teach on the symbolism, sound, and power of the Shofar’s message for the New Year.

All sessions will be from 1pm to 2pm ET/8pm to 9pm Israeli time, and will happen over Zoom. Sessions will be recorded and available if you want to enjoy them again or aren't able to join us “live”.