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Adult Education


This committee develops programs of interest for the Congregation.  It also determines policies and formulates rules and regulations for the administration of such programs.

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Social Action

The goal of the Social Action Committee is to provide opportunities for "tikkun olam", in keeping with a commitment to live a Jewish life by helping to repair the world. Social Action activities at Congregation Sha'are Shalom center around various programs on behalf of the congregation locally, nationally, and globally, as well as in support of CSS members.  Click the button below to learn more.


Religious School


This committee supervises the schools of the Congregation, on the elementary and secondary levels.  It also determines policy, and formulates rules and regulations for the administration of our schools,



This committee is in charge of all religious services of the Congregation, including weddings, B'nai Mitzvah, and funerals.  It also formulates administrative rules and regulations for all such services.  It offers to the Rabbi, advice and guidance regarding the character and tone of the various service.  It is also responsible for appointing gabbaim and ushers for the various services.

Finance and Budget


This committe makes periodic reviews of the financial operations of the Congregation and reports its findings, as appropriate, at the Annual Meeting of the Congregation and from time to time, to meetings of the Board of Directors.  It also prepares a proposed budget for the Board of Directors' approval for presentation to the Congregation.


The Security Committee promotes a safe and secure environment at the synagogue by establishing communal security best practices to be prepared for, and respond to, natural and manmade threats and reduce or eliminate crimes, accidents and injuries.

Long Range Planning


This committee assesses the long-range goals of the Congregation and plans for the future.



This committee supervises the preschool of the Congregation, and determines policy and formulates rules and regulations for the administration of our preschool

Social Events


This committee develops a year round program of social activities aimed at furthering fellowship and sociability among members of the Congregation.  The committee also arranges appropriate programs for the various events it may sponsor.



Our mission is to bring together women to serve our temple, support our community and enrich our lives through social events, educational,spiritual programs, and community service.

We are a diverse group who draw strength from each other in our commitment to our Jewish ideals. Whether you have a little time, or a lot, we know that your time will be well-spent and that you will strengthen your connections to your Jewish heritage, to your sisterhood of friends and to your family by giving your time and involvement with our Sha'are Shalom Sisterhood.

Without you, we are one woman short!



This committee is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the Synagogue building and grounds, supervising repairs as well as capital improvements as ordered by the Board of Directors.



This committee is responsible for keeping in touch with Jewish members of the community not affiliated with any Congregation, with the view of inviting them to become members of the Congregation.  This committee receives and processes applications for memberships and assists new members in becoming acclimated to the Sha'are Shalom commuity.

Ways and Means


This committee formulates for the Board of Directors' consideration a set of standards for fundraising appropriate for our synagogue for the pupose of increasing the income of the Congregation.  It explores the possibilities for increasing income from old and new sources and upon approval from the Board of Directors, implements specific proposals.

Youth Activities


This committee develops a program of youth activities for the Congregation.  It determines policy and formulates rules and regulations for the administration for such activities.

Mens Club

Men's Club is a group of men of all ages and a variety of backgrounds who gather to learn, have fun and support our synagogue and the Jewish community.  We are a member of the Federation of Jewish Men's Clubs, whose mission is to involve Jewish men in Jewish life

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