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In construction, sistering means adding extra material for additional strength.


At Sha'are Shalom our Sisterhood works similarly. The more of us there are, working together through our community bonds, the stronger we all become.


We hope you'll join us as we plan for Sisterhood events in the coming year. We're excited to hear from you and have you get involved!



Contact Amy Glancey and Michelle Leichty,

Sisterhood Co-Presidents

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A Look Ahead

We had some great ideas come out of the survey and brainstorming sessions we've had. We've got plans in the works to hopefully accommodate all schedules and interests!

Here's just a glimpse of what's ahead for Sisterhood!

Coffee/Drinks - alternating between 10:00am coffee and 7:00pm drinks monthly.  We'll rotate through a variety of local coffee shops and drinks and/ dessert places.

Dinners Out: We'll pick a restaurant and enjoy an evening out!

Pot Lucks: Seasonal (Winter/Spring/Summer/Fall) potlucks to be held either at a host's home or the synagogue social hall

Art Nights: Crafting get togethers at places such as The Clay and Metal Loft, AR Workshop, and hopefully even an art night in the Sukkah!  


As we get past summer and the High Holidays/start of school we've also got plans for a group 5K, game nights, lunch and learns, social action projects, and other fun gatherings. If you have an idea for an event, please share! 


Excited for all the fun ahead!

Simcha Helpers

Sisterhood offers a range of options for b'nai mitzvahs, weddings and other lifecylce events through our catering service Simcha Helpers. Click on the buttons to learn more.

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