Life Cycle Events

Birth of a Child
Jews celebrate the birth of all our children. For the boys, a brit milah (covenant of circumcision) is usually performed by a mohel at the family's home. For girls, a naming ceremony is held in either the home or in the synagogue. Planning begins with a discussion with our Ritual Chair or Rabbi, who will provide information regarding these ceremonies. Send an email to

Pidyon Haben
Traditional Jews follow the ancient practice of providing the first-born male son for service to the Temple. The family pays a symbolic ransom to redeem the boy. Families desiring to participate in this ceremony for their first-born male children may contact our congregation's Ritual Chair. Send an email to

B'nai Mitzvah
At Congregation Sha'are Shalom, we are proud of our b'nai mitzvah. Our seventh-grade program enables students to focus on preparation for b'nai mitzvah. Students work individually with their b'nai mitzvah tutor weekly and engage in our 13 mitzvot project.

The family has the opportunity to help plan and participate in the service. Teens who are b'nai mitzvah can decide to continue their education through Confirmation which occurs during the sophomore year in high school. Send an email to

Confirmants have the opportunity to study directly with our Rabbi as well as our Educational Director and participate in a Confirmation Service towards the end of the school year. Send an email to

The first step in planning the marriage ceremony is a meeting with our Rabbi and the Ritual Chair, who provide the couple with information about options for planning the ceremony.


Congregation Sha’are Shalom invites same-sex couples to celebrate their love for each other with a Jewish wedding ceremony in our sanctuary.

Our sanctuary and social hall are available to complete the wedding event for a memorable celebration. Setting the date and submittal of Rental Facility form and must be arranged through our Executive Director

At Congregation Sha'are Shalom, our community supports our congregants during the period of mourning. When death is imminent, please contact the Rabbi or congregation president. The Chesed Committee offers support and comfort. Send an email to or


Our B'nai Mitzvah 2021

Addison Bouer-Myers
Layla Forgach
Elizabeth Grotsky

Mallory Waltman
Nathan Pepling
Ethan Strasburg
Grant Goldberg
Ella Holgate

January 15
April 30
May 14

August 13
August 20
October 22
November 12
November 19

For information about scheduling your simcha please contact our Executive Director


We are pleased to announce the availability of Commemorative Yahrzeit Plaques for loved ones who have passed away. The engraved plaques are $250 each. People who are purchasing multiple plaques, and wish to keep family members together, will be able to do so-as long as the plaques are purchased at the same time. Non-Jewish family members of congregants may be memorialized on the Yahrzeit Board. Please complete the Yahrzeit Plague Order Form and send it to: Congregation Sha'are Shalom, Attention: Administrator, P. O. Box 4518, Leesburg, VA 20177.

For more information please contact



To order a leaf for the Tree of Life Wall please read:
Tree of Life Order Procedures and then complete the Tree of Life Order form and send it to: Congregation Sha'are Shalom, Attention: Administrator, P. O. Box 4518, Leesburg, VA 20177. For more information please contact