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Music and Meditation with Rabbi Tow

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Each week, Rabbi Tow will post a new video on the CSS page for M&M: Music and Meditation. Each video will offer a short meditative moment of music and reflection. Click here for the CSS Facebook page or view the most recent videos below.

Music and Meditation 6/11/24


Shavuot starts tonight - it's the holiday that celebrates the giving of Torah at Sinai & the ancient wheat harvest. In this choral piece, we hear words of Akdamut, a classic Shavuot poem, and also excerpts from the Ten Commandments.

Music and Meditation 5/28/24


This past Sunday was L'ag Ba'omer, the 33rd day of the counting of the Omer. It's a day of celebration during an otherwise somber and reflective time. The day also marks the Yahrzeit of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yohai, who's celebrated on this day at his burial place with bonfires on Mt. Meron in northern Israel.

For meditation today, listen to this traditional Sephardic song that honors R. Shimon bar Yohai.

Music and Meditation 5/14/24


Today marks Israel's 76th birthday - a more somber occasion given current events, but still a moment to pause, reflect, and most of all to stay hopeful - please take a few minutes to watch this uplifting video, with music by the IDF's special in uniform band - Am Yisrael Chai!

Music and Meditation 5/8/24


From March of the Living 2012 - I will post the Israeli soldier playing the Schindler's List theme from this past week's March of the Living when it's available - May God continue to hold the 6 million under the wings of God's loving Presence

Music and Meditation 4/16/24


Looking to God for strength & consolation at this difficult time as we get ready to celebrate Passover. Ve'hi She'amda is a part of the Seder, "May the one who stood up for ancestors, and for us, against enemies in every generation, continue to be a saving light and Presence for us."

Music and Meditation 4/10/24


Seeking strength from one another - Nefesh Mountain sings Hine Ma Tov, "How good it is for us to dwell together."(From Psalm 133)

Music and Meditation 4/2/24


Take a short visual and musical tour of the Dead Sea (Yam Ha'Melach) - On this rainy & gray day in the Mid-Atlantic, take a tour of the warm desert lands and waters of the Dead Sea

Music and Meditation 3/22/24


A little Purim music....

Music and Meditation 3/12/24


As we wait and hope for the Israeli hostages to come home, we pray with the families who are waiting for their loved ones. Today's Music & Meditation is a song from Israeli artist David Broza, one of the few blues songs in Hebrew. The blues melody, apart from the lyrics, can help us feel the sense of sadness, lament, and not knowing what is going to happen. And it can help us identify with the same 'blue' emotions we may be feeling about events in our lives as well.

Music and Meditation 3/6/24


Take a moment of peace to watch the waves roll onto Gordon Beach in Tel Aviv, ‘Above the sea and its waves, is Almighty God’ (Ps 93)

Music and Meditation 2/13/24


Take in beautiful Haifa from the Carmel down to the sea - Haifa has consistently been a city of fellowship between Jews, Christians, and Muslims. 

Music and Meditation 1/31/24

As the conflict in Israel/Gaza grinds on, as war in Ukraine grinds on, as we mourn the death of American service people in Jordan, let's hope and pray and envision the 'one day' we hope for. This video records thousands of people at the Israel rally singing 'One Day' with Matisyahu.

Music and Meditation 1/16/24

Today as we look out on the first major snowfall of the year, let's give ourselves the chance to breathe and focus on the sounds of winter. Click through to the video here to listen to nature's winter music. "Fire and hail, snow and smoke all carry out God's will, all mountains and all hills, all fruit trees and cedars...let them all praise God...whose splendor covers the earth." (Psalm 148)

Music and Meditation 1/9/24

We look ahead to MLK Day 2024, and we're already reading the Exodus story in our weekly Torah readings. A classic hymn speaks about the fear we may get close to our goal(s), the Jordan River in the hymn, and find 'trouble at the river'. We may find even more challenges waiting us to get us 'across' to our next steps in life. Let's take inspiration from the singing of this song that recognizes this fear, and encourages us to stay strong and determined. I heard this song every year at the annual MLK day ceremonies when I served in northern New Jersey.

Music and Meditation 1/2/24

As 2024 begins, and as we get ready to start reading from the Book of Exodus this week, we pray for strength and for God to guide us toward liberation from all the negative forces that prevent us from self-fulfillment. This chant by Shefa Gold is a meditation on these themes.

Music and Meditation 12/20/23

With so many Israeli soldiers called up for service, and now many who gave their lives in service, let's hear the song Uf Gozal sung by Arik Einstein (of blessed memory), a song about children growing up, leaving home, and facing the world and its dangers. We all grow up and leave home, and facing a turbulent world can be scary. May God bless us on each day of our journey in this world.

Music and Meditation 12/14/23

Music can come from instruments or directly from nature. This week, let's breathe deeply as we watch and listen to the wonder of the annual bird migrations over the skies of Israel.

Music and Meditation 12/5/23

A beautiful song by Yishai Ribo about faith in difficult times, reaching out to God for healing and hope.

Music and Meditation 11/28/23

This morning I was watching Israel's Kan network and I saw the moving video of the Brodatch children who had been held captive by Hamas meeting up, now back in Israel, with their dog Rodney. We hope and pray the love of family and furry friends will help these children begin to heal. This meetup, typical excitement of a dog welcoming home their family with excitement, got me thinking about Carole King's beautiful song, "You've got a friend...". There are links for the Rodney meet-up and the song here. May the returning hostages find a moment of peace, and may those still held captive come home soon.

Music and Meditation 11/7/23

Music and Meditation 10/24/23

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