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Youth Groups

Our young congregants at Sha'are Shalom make up a large and active part of our community. We strive to offer opportunities for our youth to get together outside their regular religious school program to socialize and have fun with their friends. Our congregation is proud to sponsor an active youth group program  for students in grades six through twelve.

Gesher is the United Synagogue for Conservative Judaism(USCJ) youth group program for students in grades six through eight. Sha'are Shalom's Gesher chapter is affiliated with USCJ Seaboard Region, which encompasses the District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia, and northeastern North Carolina. The group meets regularly for social activities and to participate in mitzvah projects. Our Gesher chapter takes part in all Seaboard regional activities which include a Fall and Spring Kallah (retreat) and a variety of other social events for the students

USY (United Synagogue Youth) is the USCJ youth group program for high school students.  USY provides the opportunity for social outings, educational programs, leadership training, conventions and community service programs. The group meets regularly for social activities and to participate in mitzvah projects.  In addition to chapter events, the group holds events with other local chapters and participates in all Seaboard regional activities.


USY and Gesher 


2022-2023 CSS USY Chapter Board

Upcoming Events


Israel Day 2/26/23

USY Lounge Nights

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