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About us


Congregation Sha-are Shalom is a modern Conservative synagogue, blending tradition and change, providing its members with opportunities to engage with Judaism and enjoy a sense of community.


Guiding Values:


1.  Embrace our diversity:  we welcome members of diverse backgrounds (interfaith families, LGBTQ+, etc.), levels of knowledge and observance and provide opportunities for them to participate in our congregation’s activities.


 2.  Blend tradition and change:  we honor our Jewish traditions (Torah study, worship and acts of loving kindness) while embracing our members’ contemporary values. Our members come from all branches of Judaism.


3.  Nurture our children’s Jewish identity:  we provide our children with appreciation of the joy and relevance of Judaism and with a sense of belonging to the Jewish people.


4. Create Community: we promote a sense of community by connecting members to each other in small synagogue groups as well as synagogue-wide events. 


5. Foster Life-long Education:  we provide learning opportunities for members, regardless of their level of knowledge, to study the wisdom of Judaism.


6. Respond to member’s needs:  we are there for each other in times of joy and of sadness.  We provide guidance, comfort and support to help with life’s challenges and we celebrate the achievements and milestones of our members. 


7.  Empower our members: we encourage all of our members to contribute their talents and resources to enrich the synagogue community.


8.  Take responsibility for making the world a better place: we provide opportunities for social action in both the local secular and Jewish communities and in support of Israel.

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