Pre Passover Activities

Since ownership of hametz (bread and other leavened products) is not allowed during Pesah, ideally all hametz in one's possession would be given away or destroyed before the holiday begins. Since this often represents a financial hardship, the practice arose for people to store away their hametz before Pesah and arrange to sell it for the duration of the holiday. It is also customary to make a donation to the synagogue or a charity (especially one that helps feed people) in exchange for being able to have your hametz remain in your home to be used after Passover ends. Rabbi Aft will be handling the selling of the Hametz.

For those wanting to sell their Hametz use the following link by March 25th

Passover Celebrations

Monday, March 29th 7:30 PM

Join us for a Passover-themed weekly Torah Study

Tuesday, March 30th 7:00 PM

Join us for a CSS Community Check-in


How is your Passover going? Have any burning Passover questions, Rabbi Aft will be ready to answer them. Bring some fun recipes or traditions to share to help inspire others through the remainder of Passover.

Passover Padlet

Share stories, recipes, and other Passover information on our Passover Padlet

It is a widespread custom that the first born fast on the day before Pesah. This commemorates the divine protection of the Israelite firstborn during the final plague in Egypt. However, it is also prohibited to fast during the month of Nisan. There is a standard solution to this paradox: a siyum, a public completion of study of a tractate of the Talmud. After this, first born participants may eat a meal in celebration of the event, and having eaten, a first born need not fast the remainder of day. You can join the Rabbinic Assembly for a siyum service

Thursday, March 25th from 8-9AM 


Friday, April 2nd 6:30pm

Shabbat evening services

Saturday, April 3rd 10am

Shabbat morning services

Sunday, April 4th, 10:30am

Yizkor service will begin around 11am