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Book Club

 Save the Date!

May Book Club

Tuesday, May 14 at 7:30pm

Our May book selection will be:


The Choice: A Novel of Love, Faith, and Talmud by Maggie Anton















A powerful love story with a purpose: to challenge Jewish customs concerning women, marriage, and equality.
     The award-winning author of Rashi's Daughters, Maggie Anton, has written a wholly transformative novel that takes characters inspired by Chaim Potok and ages them into young adults in Brooklyn in the 1950s, a time of Elvis & Marilyn, communist scares and polio vaccines, Jewish migration & American integration.


When Hannah Eisen, a successful journalist, interviews Rabbi Nathan Mandel, a controversial Talmud professor, she persuades him to teach her the mysteries of the text forbidden to women—even though it might cost him his job if discovered. Secret meetings and lively discussions bring the two to the edge of a line that neither dares to cross, as their relationships with each other and Judaism are tested.


To learn more about The Choice please visit the Goodreads page for the book.


All meetings are on Zoom and everyone is welcome!

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