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Shabbat Shalom to the Sha’are Shalom family,


This Shabbat we’re looking forward to Bimah Club on Saturday morning. All our students in fifth grade and up are invited to practice leading prayers as a group. Members of our adult b’nai mitzvah class will also be practicing the prayers they’re leading at their ceremony on May 25. And we’re also delighted to welcome Schana and Erik Levy and their families for the naming ceremony for Mikella who was born just over a month ago.


After this simcha-filled Shabbat, Sunday will be Good Deeds Day at CSS (with a bagel breakfast to start the morning). Please join us to do many mitzvot and service projects for the larger community.

Looking ahead to Passover, the form for selling chametz (leavened products) is linked here. We sell any chametz in our homes (and store it away) so it does not belong to us during Passover. We’re excited for a crowd of over 60 participants for the Second Night community Seder! For all first-borns, reserve Monday morning, April 22, for our annual Siyum, an online learning session that ends the Fast of the Firstborn. We’ll be joined again this year by Rabbi Ferratier and our friends from Congregation Beth Emeth.


Shabbat Shalom & Happy Good Deeds Day!

Rabbi Tow

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