A Message from Rabbi Aft

Dear Friends,


Recently I led a session about ethical wills and wanted to share something which I received from my parents after they attended a concert where these words were performed. (See below)


I hope you find them to be meaningful and also hope that you will think about those values and teachings you wish to share with your children and those with whom you are close. We are taught in the Shema and V'ahavta to teach our children diligently, when we sit in our homes, when we walk by the way, when we lie down, and when we rise up. Every moment can be a teaching moment (and a learning moment) and people are watching us and what we say and do.


If you asked our children what they received from their mother, they would tell you she has taught them to "be a mensch."


Shabbat shalom,

Rabbi Bruce Aft


All I Got Was Words

by: unknown


When I was young and fancy free

My folks had no fine clothes for me

All I got was words:

Gott vet geben! --  God will provide!

Gott tsu dankn! -- Thank God!

Zoll mir nur leben un sein gezundt. -- We should live and be healthy.


When I was wont to travel far

They didn’t provide me with a car

All I got was words:

Gay gezunt! -- Go in health!

Fuhr pamelech! -- Travel slowly!

Hob a glicklikhe reise! -- Have a lucky trip!


I wanted to increase my knowledge

But they couldn’t send me to college,

All I got was words:

Hob seichel! -- Have common sense!

Zei nit kein nahr! -- Don’t be a fool!

Toire iz di beste schoire! -- Torah is the best merchandise!


The years have flown. The world has turned.

Things I have forgotten, things I’ve learned,

Yet I remember:

Zog dem emess! -- Speak the truth!

Gib tzedakah! -- Give tzedakah! (charitable contributions)

Hob rachmaness! -- Have mercy!

Zei a mentsch! -- Be a human being!

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