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Join us for our online Shabbat! In order to keep our larger community safe, we urge you to stay at home, and use your preferred platform to access our services. Services will be modified but yarzheits will be recognized and we will recite Mourner's Kaddish.

To keep our Shabbat secure, please refer to the Weekly Newsletter for the links or contact Laurie Mangold. Note that these links and meeting IDs will remain the same each week

If you are new to the Zoom platform, please download the app in advance of Shabbat and our regularly scheduled services! 

Best practices for using Zoom:

* Click on the link provide from your computer or phone and it will take you to Zoom. If its your first time, it will prompt you to install the app so you can use it. If its not your first time it will take you directly into the "meeting".

* When you enter the call, please mute yourself if you have not been muted automatically. To do this, use the tool bar at the bottom of the screen- hover over your name at the bottom and the tool bar will pop up. Mute is on far left of the tool bar. 

* If you are participating using video, you can decide if you want to be seen. The Stop Video button is next to mute- clicking on it turns your camera on and off. Even if you don't want to be seen, you will still be able to see the livestream from CSS.

* The up arrow buttons next to mute and video allow you to manage your sounds and video settings (i.e. if you sign on and the video is showing what's behind your computer rather than whats in front of your computer you can adjust the setting to front camera).

* If you call in using the phone number, you will be able to hear everything but not see anything. When dialing in from your phone, please use your phone's own options to mute yourself

We appreciate everyone's support and flexibility during this uncertain time. We encourage you to please get in touch with feedback and thoughts on the online service experience. We welcome your ideas on other practices we might employ during this time to maintain the bonds of our Sha'are Shalom community while we encourage physical distance for the overall health of our larger community.